Wagashi  Class

with Japanese Lunch

"Wagashi" are Japanese traditional sweets.

"Wagashi" are primarily intended as a complement to the taste of green tea, served at traditional tea ceremonies. Therefore, the beautiful appearance is admired as well as the taste. Quite often, the season of the year or the nature such as flowers, birds, the moon, etc... is expressed in its appearance.


As the main ingredients of Japanese sweets are sugar, rice, and red beans, the flavor is subtle and delicate.   
Also, they are very healthy, as artificial flavors are rarely used so as not to affect the taste of the tea. (as well as having no butter, and no milk, they are low in calories and fat.)

Let's make 'Nerikiri' together!  'Nerikiri' is one of the wagashi, they look similar to Marzipan. But this is Nerikri, which are made from sweetened white bean paste and Gyuhi (made of glutinous rice). Neriki is normally tinted with various colours and sculpted into various shapes.  

・Lesson start 11:00 

・Duration is 3 hours, including Lunch and Wagashi with Mattcha

・Tuition fee is 7,000 yen per person 

   ** Children 7-10 year old 3,500 yen.

   ** Under 6 year-old children are free,  if they share a meal with parents.

....In This Lesson,

・You can learn how to make pretty colorful Nerikiri-wagashi.

・The Shape of the Nerikiri is changed depending on the season.

・Complimentary Japanese Lunch

・Complimentary Mattcha green tea after lunch with your Nerikiri.

・Aprons and hand towels are available.

・Every class is from 2 to 6 people basically.

Gluten Free 

For Lunch, I can arranged for Vegetalian and gluten free.

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